Ageing Well Festival

The Ageing Well Festival is an annual event that boasts a large range of activities, stalls, information and performances, going on for you to either watch or participate in.  These festivals are timed to coincide with National Older People’s Day (1st October) as a means of recognising over 50’s in Torbay and what they can do/have achieved. Organised by a committee of volunteers all aged 50+, the festival has recently focused on four key words – Love, Live, Laugh and Learn.

So far we’ve hosted five Ageing Well Festivals –  one in 2015 at various sites around Torbay, another in 2016 at Torre Abbey with a Storytelling theme, a third festival in 2017 at Lupton House with a 1960’s theme, a fourth event at Paignton Community and Sports Academy (Borough Road) in 2018, and a fifth event at the Riviera International Conference Centre, with the theme of Love, Live, Laugh, Learn. We also hosted a Symposium of Ideas in May 2017, after we received a large amount of feedback requesting more events and more learning opportunities, leading to a combination of the two in an event with a focus on exchanging skills, knowledge and ideas.

We are currently in the early stages of planning the 2020 Ageing Well Festival.

For more information on how to get involved, click the link for the 2020 festival below, call 01803 212638, or email

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