Ageing Well Festival

The Ageing Well Festival is an annual event that features a large amount of activities and performances going on for you to either watch or participate in.  These festivals are timed to coincide with National Older People’s Day (1st October) as a means of recognising older people in Torbay and what they can do. So far we’ve hosted three Ageing Well Festivals –  one in 2015 at various sites around Torbay, another in 2016 at Torre Abbey with a Storytelling theme, and a third in 2017 at Lupton House with a 1960’s theme. We also hosted a Symposium of Ideas in May 2017, after we received a large amount of feedback requesting more events and more learning opportunities, leading to a combination of the two in an event with a focus on exchanging skills, knowledge and ideas.

We are currently in the early stages of planning the 2018 Ageing Well Festival.

If you and/or your organisation are interested in getting involved, please email, or phone 01803 212638, and ask for Jess Slade.

Click the links below to find out more about our past events:




Ageing Well Festival 2015

Ageing Well Festival 2016

Symposium of Ideas 2017

Ageing Well Festival 2017

Ageing Well Festival 2018