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This is Robbie’s story, about the impact that Ageing Well Torbay has had, helping her fight feelings of isolation, meeting new people, experiencing different things, and learning new skills.


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After talking to many people in Torbay, we have found that a lot of older people wish to remain independent and stay in their homes for as long as possible.

Many feel their talents, skills and knowledge are going unrecognised and undervalued and Staying Put aims to acknowledge and appreciate one of Torbay’s biggest unrecognised resources by enabling over 50-year-olds to retain their independence by assisting one another with tasks many take for granted.

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Ageing Well Torbay is working with people over 50 and organisations across Torbay to create the Torbay Over 50’s Assembly – or TOFA for short. This assembly will enable anyone over the age of 50 to discuss what’s important to them, and share those views with peers and friends from around the bay.

The assembly has been a key element of Ageing Well Torbay’s initial bid to the National Lottery Community Fund, and is therefore an important feature and legacy to be left behind by the programme, ensuring people in later life will have a true platform and power within Torbay, that has been negotiated with local statutory services.

TOFA will be a huge opportunity to become involved in local affairs – the Assembly will consist of Assembly Members, Assembly Representatives and Action Group Members.

Find out more about Torbay Over 50’s Assembly, including the three roles mentioned above, exactly what the assembly will do and how it’ll function:

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What do you wish you’d known about retirement, before you retired?

We’re putting together an “experts by experience” guide for the people of Torbay, concerning topics such as retirement.

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