Making things happen in the community – Community Matters

By Tara Acton, Community Builder for Chelston, Livermead and Cockington

I have had conversations with people about our living history showing how, after times of

adversity, there were growths in positive power which have become gateways to societal change.

At the risk of being uncharacteristically not super positive for a moment, I must confess I am nervous about what is on the horizon. Having spent much of this year coming to terms with the scale of poverty within Torbay, I am daunted by the prospects of the continuing effects of this pandemic.

If this giant recession is about to get even more real, community cohesion and mutual support will not just be a nice idea; it will be essential. I’m inviting people to get in touch, to put the head/hand/heart above the parapet and say ‘I care and want to show it’.

It’s hard even to know or imagine what might be needed. We’ve had five years working on community collaborations making phenomenal things happen around the Bay, and I know in detail of the amazing ideas that have come to fruition in the Chelston area specifically.

Without that energy we wouldn’t have had The Community Shed, the Goshen and Rosary Triangle Community Garden project, the Livermead Street party, the Hula Hooping club mainly for over 50s, the Celebrate Chelston Parade – during a pandemic! – the willow structures in parks across the area, endless connections between supportive resident and so, so so much more.

I believe that at the very least if we carry on sharing what we care about; giving a bit more; asking for help a bit more; clubbing together to make things happen; being the ones who send the invites/picking up the phone – as people always like to know they have been thought about.

As always anyone and everyone is welcome to pick up the phone and give me a call/text to talk at any time, I welcome thoughts/offers/requests and I will generally know someone who knows someone that has a solution to most things. But chances are so do you…

Take care.