Your chance to feedback – What can local job centres do for over 50’s?

OVER 50’s are to be asked what services they need from their local Job Centres

The Jobcentre Plus’ in Torquay and Brixham (which also cover Paignton) have teamed up with Ageing Well’s Torbay Over 50’s Assembly to answer questions about employment, benefits and services on offer.

Research by members of the TOFA Action Group which oversees the assemblies in the three towns has shown that many people have an outdated view of how JobCentres now work.

Donna Nunn, who is TOFA’s lead on employment and participation said; “We have found that people who have not used a JobCentre over the last few years are confused by the services that they offer.

“It is important that we have an open discussion with the Department of Work and Pensions staff so that the over 50’s know what is available to them.

“Our mission through TOFA is to ask the questions and share the knowledge on behalf of the older population across the Bay. In particular, we are interested in the JobCentre’s approach to people on benefits and job searches.

“JobCentre staff have said they will come and listen and then where possible adapt their service to meet the needs of their over 50-year-old clients.”

If you have are over 50 and on benefits and want to participate, the session takes place at Paignton Library on Thursday, December 5th between 2 pm and 4 pm. For more details, please ring 01803 212638 or just come along on the day.

TOFA Jobcentre poster Dec 5 2019 web