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8 New Partners join Ageing Well Torbay

Recently there has been a wealth of TV shows and newspaper columns dedicated to the issue of loneliness and isolation in older people living in the UK. One particular show that seems to have caught a lot of people’s attention, involves a group of young children spending time with residents from a care home, with a very positive result for both age groups. When you … Continue reading 8 New Partners join Ageing Well Torbay

The Swinging Sixties Return

The swinging sixties are coming back to Torbay! What interesting summer weather we have been having recently, one minute it is a howling gale and the next blazing sunshine, it makes it hard to know what season it is. I should be used to this really, because seasonal confusion is a daily part of my line of work. You are probably blissfully unaware but across … Continue reading The Swinging Sixties Return