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Ageing Well help to support a number of events, groups and activities across Torbay, working with our delivery partners to provide and develop opportunities for socialising, to find out more about what is available locally in terms of services and organisations, and to enable people to get involved in their communities.

What’s on Lists – Provided by Torbay Over 50’s Assembly: (updated January 2020)

Please note: We have since transferred a lot of information on upcoming events and regular activities to www.torbaytogether.org.uk to integrate more with the community and our delivery partners, hence why we no longer have an extensive What’s On list here on the Ageing Well Torbay website.

More information about Torbay Together below.

Torbay Together

Torbay Together logo

Welcome to the community platform that lets you connect with the activities and members in your neighbourhood, and earn time credits – enabling you to swap time helping others in exchange for others lending their time to help you.

One of the aims of this platform is to reconnect communities and reduce social isolation amongst the 50+ generation across Torbay. However, if you’d like to connect with your community, then this platform is for you, whatever your age!

1. Join the community
Create your own profile, message other members, keep a track of the activities you are involved in and the connections you have made within Torbay Together.

2. Browse the community directory
The community directory lets you post your own support services and social groups. Use the activity stream to find out what’s available in your neighbourhood. Register on the platform to add your own listings.

3. Join the timebank
The timebank is a safe space for all members to exchange their skills for time credits. Use the activity stream to find offers of, and requests for, help from your neighbours. Register on the platform to join the exchange.

4. Volunteer
The community volunteering feature helps you to connect with volunteering opportunities and organisations. Use the activity stream to find volunteering opportunities. Register on the platform to post your own.

5. Make connections
The platform helps you to take action for the good of you and for the good of the whole neighbourhood. Use the member stream to connect with other members. Register on the platform to develop your profile.

Visit Torbay Together

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Do you know of any groups or activities in Torbay aimed at over 50’s? Would they be willing to tell people about Ageing Well Torbay? Let us know by email or phone 01803 212638.