If you are interested in volunteering, please email hannah.mcgugan@torbaycdt.org.uk or use the contact form below.

Please let us know what you may be interested in helping out with, and let us know a bit about yourself, your experience and what role you may be interested in.

The available volunteer roles are:

· Stewards – The main faces of the event. Help answer questions our attendees may have about the event, assist with keeping the venue organised and tidy, and help make the event a positive experience for everyone
· Filmmakers – You’ll help capture the event on film, assist with production, editing, etc. of any films made for/of the event.
· Photographers – Crucial for capturing moments from the event as photos, as well as assisting with promotional material before, during and after the event.
· Writers – We will have promo material, online content, written products for the festival, and so on that we’ll need your help with.