Positive Ageing Charter

Torbay’s Positive Ageing Charter

We are currently working to develop a Positive Ageing Charter for Torbay:

  1. Challenging Ageism through actively identifying Ageism in work practices, strategies or services and making the required changes so that people are not excluded or discriminated against by virtue of their age.
  2. Engaging Older People in the co-production of a better future through involvement with service and strategy development, including initial consultations, planning, review and re-design.
  3. Listening to older people through engaging with the assembly and including the “voices” of older people in decision-making processes for all business, services and groups who serve over 50’s in Torbay.
  4. Actively working with the Assembly, and relevant partners and evidencing a commitment towards achieving ‘Age Friendly Status’ for Torbay and to maintaining the status once achieved.
  5. Commitment to the timely sharing of information in plain English, and in accessible formats, and welcoming the feedback or challenge from the Assembly.
  6. Demonstrating commitment to services and practices which will reduce the number of older people who are lonely or socially isolated, and/or in financial poverty.
  7. Commitment to supporting and valuing the Older Persons’ Assembly after Ageing Well Torbay ceases in April 2021.


If you’re interested in the charter, and helping to develop it, contact Sue McDermott, Programme Manager by either phoning 01803 212638, or email suemcdermott@torbaycdt.org.uk