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What do you wish you’d known about retirement, before you retired?

Have you retired, fully or semi-retired? Are you planning for retirement, or on the verge of retirement? Or have you never really thought about not working? Perhaps you’ve been made redundant, or forced to retire due to your health, a loved one’s health, or similar circumstances?

We’re working to pull together an “experts by experience” guide, created from the contributions of knowledge, wisdom and experience provided by you, the people of Torbay to aid future retirees and others in similar positions.

We asked people around Torbay “What do you wish you’d known about retirement, before you retired?” and recorded their responses in the following playlist:

If you would like to contribute towards this guide, let us know. We’re aiming to find out what concerns you the most, and develop focus-groups, based on the topics that are brought up frequently, or are of most importance to you, and really delve deep to create something truly useful to those retiring in Torbay.

Contact us:

Phone: David Gledhill – 01803 212638


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