Timebanks work by allowing people to help each timebank-logo-transparentother within their communities. Timebank users can offer their own skills and benefit from the skills of others who’ve offered theirs. The more people who contribute to a timebank by ‘depositing’ their skills, the more there’ll be for people to share. Absolutely anyone can join a timebank – from individuals and community groups to local businesses. Signing up is easy and free, and people can offer their own skills and talents when they want to. In return, they can access and make use of the skills of other timebank members whenever they need them. As timebanking is so flexible, and as there are no limits to how often someone can use the scheme or how much they can offer to others, it really does suit everyone. Additionally, it allows those already active in their neighbourhoods to record the work they’re doing (especially important for funding bids!) while enabling them to seek out the services of others when they need them.


Sarah Warren – Timebank Co-ordinator

01803 212638 | sarah@torbaycdt.org.uk

TCDT/Torbay Timebank

Tara Acton – Chelston Community Builder

07730 792431  |  taraacton@torbaycdt.org.uk

Chelston Timebank

Victoria Campbell – Brixham Community Builder

07469660873  | victoriacampbell@torbaycdt.org.uk

Brixham Timebank

Nina Cooper – Blatchcombe Community Builder

07929335915  | ninacooper@torbaycdt.org.uk

Blatchcombe Timebank

Christine Durrant – Preston Community Builder

07469660887  | christinedurrant@torbaycdt.org.uk

Preston Timebank

Katherine Fallon – Paignton Community Builder

07796173048  | katherinefallon@torbaycdt.org.uk

Paignton Timebank

Usha Garrattley – Ellacombe & Plainmoor Community Builder

07702557723  | ushagarrattley@torbaycdt.org.uk

Ellacombe and Plainmoor Timebank

Jenny Langridge – St. Marychurch, Babbacombe & Maidencombe Community Builder

07469660888  | jennielangridge@torbaycdt.org.uk

St. Marychurch, Babbacombe and Maidencombe Timebank

Sean McTiernan – Torquay Town Centre, Torre & Upton Community Builder

07854066117  | seanmctiernan@torbaycdt.org.uk

Torquay Town Centre, Torre and Upton Timebank

Marianne Parker – Wellswood Community Builder

07469 660875  | marianneparker@torbaycdt.org.uk

Wellswood Timebank

Suzie Slattery – Churston Galmpton, Broadsands/Goodrington, Roselands & Hookhills Community Builder

07884 887063  | suzieslattery@torbaycdt.org.uk

Churston Galmpton, Broadsands/Goodrington, Roselands and Hookhills Timebank

Theo Tanser – Hele, Watcombe & Barton Community Builder

07599993987  | theotanser@torbaycdt.org.uk