Festival Committee

Our Festival Committee is composed of people from around Torbay, aged 50+, who have the leading input in Ageing Well Torbay’s Ageing Well Festival, and similar events (such as the 2017 Symposium of Ideas)

The committee volunteer by attending monthly meetings to make definitive decisions for these events, help run events in roles varying from facilitators to stewards, help distribute promotional material, spread word of our events, and so much more.

Want to take part in this year’s festival? If you’re interested in volunteering for this year’s festival, contact us by emailing ageingwell@torbaycdt.org.uk or phone 01803 212638. We are also looking for new members to join our Festival Committee – those responsible for making many of the important decisions that shape the festival.

Our current committee members are:

  • Molly Evitts
  • Paul Field
  • Richard James
  • Carol Kendall
  • Pamela Oatley
  • Maureen Philpott
  • June Pierce
  • Rodger Smith
  • Paula Stewart
  • Frank Wye

(Last updated – 04/03/2020)

This short film features past & present members of our Festival Committee giving their perspectives on Ageing Well: