On this page, you can download documents and files we have released over the duration of the Ageing Well programme. Prefer a printed copy of a file? Phone us on 01803 212638, email, or visit our office at Torbay Community Development Trust, 4-8 Temperance Street, Torquay, TQ2 5PU and we’ll provide you with a copy for yourself, and/or for anyone else you may wish to share these with.

AWT new partners FAIR updateAgeing Well partners and projects booklet – In this booklet, you’ll find an introduction to the Ageing Well programme, its projects, and our partners who run said projects. Included is a summary of each, as well as their contact details.

AWT partners and projects booklet download



AWT Years 1 & 2 reportAgeing Well years 1 & 2 Report – The years 1 & 2 report covers the findings of the Ageing Well programme and its partners during the first two years of its run (April 2015 – June 2017)

AWT Years 1 and 2 Report download




Ageing Well Newsletter - Spring 2018 v7_Page_01Ageing Well Newsletter – Spring 2018 – The Ageing Well Newsletter consists of stories, tips, musings & more from you, the people of Torbay, as well as the latest updates from the programme office. In the Spring 2018 issue, we hear about how Lee had a go at radio broadcasting with Riveria FM, learn several intriguing health tips from Mervyn, appreciate art with Pat, get to know Grow Gap with Stan, take a stroll with Joy, find out about the latest flashmobs, updates on new Ageing Well projects, such as FAIR – Financial Advice, Information & Resilience, and see what’s on in Torbay.

Ageing Well Newsletter – Spring 2018 download


Experiencing any difficulties downloading/viewing any of the files above? Email us at, and we’ll provide assistance, including sending the file if need be.