On this page, you can download documents and files we have released over the duration of the Ageing Well programme. Prefer a printed copy of a file? Phone us on 01803 212638, email, or visit our office at Torbay Community Development Trust, 4-8 Temperance Street, Torquay, TQ2 5PU and we’ll provide you with a copy for yourself, and/or for anyone else you may wish to share these with.

AWT new partners FAIR updateAgeing Well partners and projects booklet – In this booklet, you’ll find an introduction to the Ageing Well programme, its projects, and our partners who run said projects. Included is a summary of each, as well as their contact details.

AWT partners and projects booklet download



AWT Years 1 & 2 reportAgeing Well years 1 & 2 Report – The years 1 & 2 report covers the findings of the Ageing Well programme and its partners during the first two years of its run (April 2015 – June 2017)

AWT Years 1 and 2 Report download




Ageing Well Newsletter - Spring 2018 v7_Page_01Ageing Well Newsletter – Spring 2018 – The Ageing Well Newsletter consists of stories, tips, musings & more from you, the people of Torbay, as well as the latest updates from the programme office. In the Spring 2018 issue, we hear about how Lee had a go at radio broadcasting with Riveria FM, learn several intriguing health tips from Mervyn, appreciate art with Pat, get to know Grow Gap with Stan, take a stroll with Joy, find out about the latest flashmobs, updates on new Ageing Well projects, such as FAIR – Financial Advice, Information & Resilience, and see what’s on in Torbay.

Ageing Well Newsletter – Spring 2018 download

Ageing Well Newsletter Autumn 18 cover

Ageing Well Newsletter – Autumn 2018 – In the new Autumn edition of our newsletter, hear from residents of Torbay, whose lives have been changed by the Ageing Well programme, more about the festival, meet David, our Marketing and Communications officer, and again, see what Big Lunches are on in your neck of the woods.

Ageing Well Newsletter Autumn 18 Download


Ageing Well Newsletter Winter 18 cover

Ageing Well Newsletter – Winter 2018-19 – In this brand new issue, read about Delwyn’s memorable journey, how Fran accidentally became a volunteer, see who won a great prize from Barclay’s photography contest, learn how you could make a difference in Torbay by having your voice heard with TOFA, and finally, discover what’s happening over the holidays – from Christmas Day lunches to live music performances.

Ageing Well Newsletter Winter 18-19 Download

Experiencing any difficulties downloading/viewing any of the files above? Email us at, and we’ll provide assistance, including sending the file if need be.