The social value of accessible transport

By Mike Norton, Finance and Business Advice Manager While channel hopping the other evening, I landed on a reality TV style programme on ITV called “100 year old driving school”. Not a programme that I would normally choose to watch, however I was drawn in by the content. UK Driving licences are valid until the age of 70, beyond the age of 70, motorists have … Continue reading The social value of accessible transport

The positive impact of Torbay’s small community groups

By Hayley Tranter, Associational Community Builder I would like to explore an idea written about by Nicola Frost based at the Devon Community Foundation that looks at the idea of the ‘power of little’. The numbers of action led organisations, groups and charities are not completely known within the UK. The impact that they have is largely incalculable by quantitative measures but we should take … Continue reading The positive impact of Torbay’s small community groups

Community Development Trust awarded fund to run vital bus routes

Torbay Council has awarded the Torbay Community Development Trust (TCDT) £95,000 to facilitate the running of the community bus routes 60, 65 and a replacement for the 67. The bus services will benefit Paignton, Brixham and Torquay residents, many of whom rely on bus services to go shopping or access vital local services like doctor’s surgeries or hospitals. Cllr Robert Excell, Executive Lead for Community … Continue reading Community Development Trust awarded fund to run vital bus routes

Let’s Transform Ageing in Torbay

By Karla White, Marketing and Communications Officer for Ageing Well Torbay You can’t beat first-hand experiences and the powerful insights that they bring to the table. This is especially true when it comes to designing a better experience for later life. Here at the Torbay Community Development Trust, we firmly believe that through a collaborative effort we can reimagine what it means to have a … Continue reading Let’s Transform Ageing in Torbay

Introducing The Lounge…

By Tracey Cabache, Community Development Manager at Torbay Community Development Trust The more eagle-eyed reader might have noticed the emergence of a new friendly space in Torquay – upstairs at Fleet Walk Shopping Centre, we have created a community lounge – ‘The Lounge’ for short! The Lounge is there for any member of the community to pop in and find out what is going on … Continue reading Introducing The Lounge…

Ageing well Newsletter Winter 2018

The latest Ageing Well Torbay newsletter is now available both digitally and in print! Email us at or phone 01803 212638 if you’d like a printed copy, or if you’d like to contribute to the next newsletter. Read the latest news from Ageing Well Torbay, including the launch of the Innovation Fund projects, the launch of FAIR, an article submitted by a reader, and a summary of what’s … Continue reading Ageing well Newsletter Winter 2018

Power to the People

In TCDT’s original bid to the Big Lottery we outlined the essential development of an Older Persons’ Assembly, which would not only take on increasing ownership of the Ageing Well Programme, but also influence ‘the wider services that affect people over 50…and create an age-friendly place to live, work and play.’  The United Nations have also recommended “empowering older people to participate in decision-making processes, … Continue reading Power to the People

Innovation Fund Torbay Ageing Well Torbay

8 New Partners join Ageing Well Torbay

Recently there has been a wealth of TV shows and newspaper columns dedicated to the issue of loneliness and isolation in older people living in the UK. One particular show that seems to have caught a lot of people’s attention, involves a group of young children spending time with residents from a care home, with a very positive result for both age groups. When you … Continue reading 8 New Partners join Ageing Well Torbay

The Swinging Sixties Return

The swinging sixties are coming back to Torbay! What interesting summer weather we have been having recently, one minute it is a howling gale and the next blazing sunshine, it makes it hard to know what season it is. I should be used to this really, because seasonal confusion is a daily part of my line of work. You are probably blissfully unaware but across … Continue reading The Swinging Sixties Return