Everybody needs good neighbours

HUNDREDS of calls have been made to a helpline set up to match people who need help with those who want to help in the current coronavirus crisis. Charitable and voluntary organisations have come together to provide a steady stream of non-medical advice and support for people in the Bay who are self-isolating. In the first week of operation, the Torbay Coronavirus Helpline took more … Continue reading Everybody needs good neighbours

#TorbayKind – sharing stories of kindness

By David Gledhill, Marketing & Communications Lead #TorbayKind – read that hashtag and remember it, because it encapsulates what is happening across the Bay. Two words, one hashtag, lots of emotion, not just one community but lots of communities showing amazing practicality and resolve to get through the current coronavirus crisis. We knew our communities were strong but even we have been taken aback by … Continue reading #TorbayKind – sharing stories of kindness

All TCDT locations closed until further notice

Please be aware: until further notice, our office, the Torbay Community Development Trust office at 4-8 Temperance Street is now closed, due to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic. This means staff and volunteers from Ageing Well Torbay, Imagine This…, Volunteer Centre Torbay, Staying Put, Torbay Together, the Community Builders, and Torbay Over 50’s Assembly will be working remotely. Berwyn House on Abbey Road, used by Positive … Continue reading All TCDT locations closed until further notice

Online Community Coronavirus helpline now live

The Torbay Community Coronavirus Helpline – which launched on Monday 16th March, has now added a online form, enabling members of the public to seek help (if they’re self-isolated) with non-emergency matters, for the public to offer their assistance, and for anyone to refer others who may need help in this time of need. The type of help people may need might be anything from … Continue reading Online Community Coronavirus helpline now live

Uniting in times of Need

By David Gledhill Marketing & Communications Lead If ever there was a need for communities to pull together and watch out for their own, then it is during the current coronavirus crisis. The authorities, including those at the sharp end in the NHS and public health, are doing a fantastic job, but they can’t do it all, and they can’t do it by themselves. They … Continue reading Uniting in times of Need

Community COVID-19 helpline established

NEIGHBOURS are being encouraged to look out for each other as the coronavirus crisis deepens across the Bay. With more cases being reported daily, community leaders are concerned that self- isolators need support with day-to-day tasks such as shopping, prescription collections and dog walking. Staff at Torbay Community Development Trust (TCDT), Ageing Well Torbay (AWT) and Brixham Does Care are working with voluntary groups across … Continue reading Community COVID-19 helpline established

Uniting all ages

By David Gledhill, Marketing & Communications Lead ONE of the issues that we are determined to fight in Torbay wherever we find it, is ageism. Like other isms – sexism, and racism, it is insidious and damaging, but ageism is a relatively recent development, but no less serious for all that. Until only a few decades ago extended families lived together – children with parents, … Continue reading Uniting all ages

TOFA What’s on Guide – March Special Edition

Torbay Over 50’s Assembly’s (TOFA) volunteers have created a special edition what’s on guide, dedicated to events taking place throughout March. To view this special edition, download it here: TOFA What’s on Torbay (during March 2020 special) Download The main guides for Torquay, Brixham & Paignton are available to download from our What’s On page. If you’d like a copy sent to you digitally, or in … Continue reading TOFA What’s on Guide – March Special Edition

A date for your diaries – Ageing Well Festival 2020

By David Gledhill, Marketing & Communications Lead Hold the date – Saturday, October 24th 2020 – seems aeons away, but the sixth annual Ageing Well Festival will creep up on us in no time. Ask the team who are putting it together if they think it is a long way off and their answer will be a resounding no, not least because they are aiming … Continue reading A date for your diaries – Ageing Well Festival 2020