Making Brixham a place where people can talk openly about mental health – Community Matters

By Victoria Campbell, Community Builder for Brixham

About five years ago, a group of people in Brixham with a passion for wellbeing and good mental health decided to do something to help others in the community who were struggling.

They set out to create ‘safe spaces’ for anyone feeling sad, lonely or isolated or having thoughts of suicide.

It provides a security net for the community run by the community, where everyone is looking out for each other, recognising when someone isn’t their usual self.

Mental health training has also been provided on how to talk and communicate to people who are struggling with their mental health and wellness and they are hoping that their success in Brixham can be rolled out in some form across the Bay with others copying the initiative.

Some businesses in Brixham signed up to offer a safe space in local cafes, hairdressers, barbers and shops and have trained staff to spot anyone who seems to be struggling, to know these businesses are offering a safe space. All the businesses taking part in the scheme can be identified by Brixham Bee Well stickers in their windows – a guarantee of a safe haven in a busy and sometimes overwhelming world.

Brixham Bee Well would love to hear from you or anyone within Brixham who have ideas about making Brixham a place where people can talk openly about their mental health and wellbeing and feel they are supported to get help.

This is something that is working well in Brixham and maybe could be brought into the whole of Torbay, where locals are looking out for each other?

As services are being overwhelmed with very long waiting lists to get an appointment, this can be very hard for family and friends, but with the right training and support and mindful of our and others’ mental well-being can all make a difference within our family life and communities, and taking self-responsibility for ourselves.

If anyone is interested in knowing more about this please contact me, Victoria Campbell, community builder for Brixham – or call me on 07832 781 031.