Torbay community building… blue sky thinking – Communtiy Matters

By Marianne Parker, Creative Community Builder for Wellswood

Community Building – Blue Sky Thinking

What if…
What if, we could build our
community from our street up,
And sing and dance and
laugh and cry and live and die

What if…
We could bring together
All ages, colours, shapes and
Rich and poor,
With or without a front
To celebrate ourselves
To be together, always…

What if…
There was always someone
Next door, across the road, up
the street, on our side,
There for us.
To be strong.
To learn with,
To dream with,
To have fun with,
To be friends with…
There for us…
…And what if we were there
for them.
Here on our street,
In our neighbourhood
And across the Bay.

What if… we were there for
each other… Together… Always
Blue Sky Thinking
Community Building