Tribute to talented artist and craftswoman Mandy, who brought out the best in those she taught – Community Matters

By Christine Durrant, Community Builder for Preston

As community builders, we are privileged to meet and work with many creative and talented people.

People who catch the vision effortlessly and help us to run with it.

One such person was Mandy Amos.

I met Mandy when I was starting out back in 2015.

On reading about our work at Ageing Well, she generously offered me the use of her newly opened Euphoria Gallery on Torquay Road in Preston to host a ‘Meet the Community Builder’ event.

One of the ripples from that event was my meeting Jenni Adams, who subsequently started ‘Yoga at the Beach.’

A talented artist and craftswoman, Mandy excelled at sharing her skills with people of all ages.

She had endless patience and brought out the best in those she taught.

Despite suffering from fibromyalgia and other ailments, Mandy always tried to stay positive.

She loved to spend time with people, be creative and put her skills to good use.

She understood from personal experience how creativity could help alleviate pain by distraction, and she said she always felt better when she had a busy schedule.

Many school-age and adults found that their confidence increased and their anxiety lessened when they did art and craft sessions with Mandy.

She listened to their problems and shared her knowledge and expertise.

An active member of the TimeBank, Mandy gave her expertise and received help from others.

She hosted a knit and natter group and a parents’ support group.

She always looked outwards towards helping others and was totally inclusive.

Every time I popped in to see her, I would hear how great she was at teaching from her students.

She wanted art to be affordable for everyone and kept her prices ridiculously low.

People mattered to Mandy and because she treated them with kindness and respect, they grew in confidence and self-worth.

I recommended her craft sessions because I knew that those who spent time with her would benefit in every aspect of their lives.

Her legacy will live on in the children and adults she helped flourish.

Sadly, after a short stay in ICU, Mandy died of pneumonia on January 4, at the tragically young age of 52.

The world is a poorer place without her in it.

Rest in peace Mandy, we will miss you.

Mandy Amos brought out the best in those she taught.