We have what we need, when we share what we have – Community Matters

By Ruth Tshoukas, Timebank Broker for Paignton

As the Timebank broker for the Paignton area, I have become more and more aware of the amazing changes that social interaction can have on our wellbeing. Having a plan, something happening in your day, a walk with a friend, a coffee morning or a telephone call to look forward to makes such a difference to our day.

Although we earn credits through the Timebank that is not only what it’s about. It’s about meeting a variety of new people who are open to making a difference in their community. Recently a person joined who is new to the area. She has done masses of volunteering all her life but now has mobility problems. She said she doesn’t think she has anything to offer, but she has so much. She is interesting to talk to and wants to share with people and joins in all she is able. She can earn credits for connecting people, as well as making many new friends.

We have an online platform, Torbay Together, where you can look at all the offers and requests. Have a look, perhaps it will inspire you to join the Timebank. I have a lady who is looking to walk a dog in the Preston area and on the flat. She is a dog lover and can’t have one where she lives. What about a walking buddy? There are people all over Torbay who are unsure about going out alone and would like a companion. If this is something you would like to do get in touch.

If you decide to join the Timebank it’s important to only offer something you enjoy doing. It should not be a chore but a pleasure, something that can enrich your life because you get pleasure from doing it! I love cooking so would happily offer that but I find gardening hard work so would not make that offer. We have all sorts of things on Torbay Together. It could be offering someone who cares for a partner with dementia some respite or maybe organising a knitting group or just doing some knitting for charity If you have any spare wool lying around at home our knitters would be very grateful of it. If you would like to knit squares you can earn credits for doing that.

To sign up go to www.torbaytogether.org.uk or contact me: ruthtshoukas@torbaycdt.org.uk or my work phone: 07703 715236.