Don’t be lonely this Christmas, come and join us! – Community Matters

By Sandra Harper, Torquay Timebank Broker & Community Cafe Coordinator

I love Christmas time, and the wonderful atmosphere around our towns and cities, the smell of mulled wine and bratwurst at the Christmas markets, the twinkling lights strung high across the roads and the wonderful array of food and drink that only pops up at Christmas.

But I am lucky, I have a job, I have a circle of friends, a family and several grandchildren, the noise and the chatter is deafening sometimes and the amount of chocolate eaten is obscene

Yet, none of that matters. What matters to me is a time for reflection, my family, the great food and wine. For others, it’s their faith and the wonderful Christmas message, a time for joy and love, and whilst many are still wary of venturing out into the pubs and clubs, we want you to come and make Christmas 2021 memories with us.

At Temperance Street in Torquay, we are offering company and friendship to each and every one of you. We have a range of activities you can get involved with, or you can just come for a Christmas lunch and meet new friends.

We are open from Tuesday to Friday and from December 1st and we will have a Christmas lunch available from 12.00 daily. We want to get to know you, no pressure, come and see us you might like it. Bring a friend or come and make new ones. We can arrange to collect you or meet you for your first visit, just give me a call and let’s have a chat. No need to be alone this Christmas, or ever again.

Our community outreach worker Hayley and I would particularly like to hear from people who want a different experience, bingo, coffee and biscuits isn’t everyone’s idea of fun so other ideas are very welcome. If you fancy starting up a group or exploring what is out there, then please come and see us as well, or get in touch with your local community builder (, who can have a chat with you and introduce us! Remember, nothing is impossible.

If I don’t get to meet you this Christmas, have a fabulous time whatever you choose to do and remember, Temperance Street isn’t just for Christmas.