Out and about, exploring and meeting new people – Community Matters

By Joey Damiral, Community Builder for Chelston, Cockington & Livermead

Hello, wonderful people of Torbay. My name is Joey Damiral and I work on behalf of the Torbay Community Development Trust.

I was recently appointed as the new community builder for Chelston, Cockington and Livermead – a dynamic role that enables me to help individuals, social groups and local businesses to expand upon their connection base/ relationships and drive towards positive change within their lives and that of the others they encounter.

I have been out and about exploring and meeting new people over the last five weeks and have enjoyed getting to know more about what’s going on across Torbay and on my patch, in particular.

For the art and crafts enthusiasts out there, Chelston Workshops in now open and welcoming new members to take part in a range of DIY projects. Inquiries about the workshop can be made to Martyn at rsd001@blueyonder.co.uk

Taleblazers are an upcoming enterprise that celebrates local history through folk tales and runs educational workshops for young children.

The Chelston Heritage Trail is a community-based project launching on November 6 and on subsequent dates. More information can be found on the Taleblazers website: https://taleblazers.org.uk

The Blue Walnut Café, Bar and Cinema is beginning to welcome back their open mic nights on Saturdays and have a knit and natter group on the first Tuesday of every month.

More details on the Blue Walnut can be found on their Facebook page @TheBlueWalnutCafe

Torbay Bay Walks are up and running every other Thursday and occur at different locations across Torbay.

These are organised by Haydn, who welcomes new people to take part, so please contact haydnlyn@aol.com if you’re interested in joining the walking group.

Here are a few groups/events that are in motion and I look forward to uncovering more.

Further ideas are circulating and I hope to have more exciting news to share with you in the new year. I wish you all well and joyful times to come.

For further support, I can be reached on joeydamiral@torbaycdt.org.uk or messaged on 07754 609 494. Take good care