What does a community builder do exactly? – Community Matters

By Christine Durrant, Community Builder for Preston

‘What does a community builder do exactly?’ This can be a difficult question to answer as we all work in different ways according to our own particular strengths.  Our role is to get to know everyone we can within our communities.  We learn about local people, organisations and businesses by listening to their hopes and aspirations.  Often, we see links where others might see obstacles. This means we are ideally placed to connect people and places to the benefit of both.

Take for example a lunch group that started just a few months ago.  I suggested a venue where I knew that the meals were reasonably priced and invited some people who lived within walking distance of it. This group has been meeting for a few months now.  We have got to know the staff and they have got to know us.  I spoke to the manager this week about the possibility of doing a bigger lunch in conjunction with Age UK.  Then there was the suggestion that we could follow that with a quiz or bingo.  It is early days but hopefully, we will soon get it up and running. If you would be interested in being part of that lunch or helping put something else together then do get in touch with me christinedurrant@torbaycdt.org.uk or phone me on 07469 660887

We have organised 2 short minibus trips both starting from The Ship in Manor Road, Preston.  The first is to Occombe Farm Café on Tuesday 19th October picking up from The Ship at 12noon and leaving Occombe at about 3:00pm which will give time for a leisurely lunch, a walk around the farm or a visit to the new farm shop. Cost £4 + lunch.  The second is to Endsleigh Garden Centre on 7th December.  Cost £6.50. To make these trips viable we need at least 10 people so please do book your place as soon as possible with Kelly Bedoyan on 07816407495 or email kellybedoyan@torbaycdt.org.uk.

If you would like to organise a trip for a group of your friends (which could be opened out to others to help share the cost of the bus) do talk to Kelly.