Get digging to help others and earn ‘credits’ with Torbay Timebank – Community Matters

By Sandra Harper, Torquay Timebank Broker

Pfft, and just like that, it was gone.

I thought that that big yellow thing in the sky shone on us very sparingly this year and now I’m in a cloudy, warm, yet pleasant place where the beautiful leaves turn orange and brown and conkers fall from the trees.

I love that sound when you walk through the woods and the leaves crunch under your feet and the dogs go down the paths sniffing under every pile as if looking for a bone.

This, my friends, is autumn – possibly my favourite season – and things need to be done before the winter in readiness for the spring.

Gardens need cutting back, and bushes need pruning, hedges need clipping and lawns need cutting.

I don’t have a garden but I have offered to help a few of my neighbours with their gardens as for some, it is a struggle.

Can you help tidy a garden? Can you help tidy some open spaces?

At Torbay Together, we receive many requests for people to help with their gardens; maybe you could offer and earn time credits for your time?

Timebanking is a way to do this. It’s not a full-time commitment, it’s a pick me up and put me down type of help.

It’s a great way to meet people and make new friends, it’s like a favourite film you can put on and watch all of it or pause and save some for later. The choice is yours.

Take a look at the website Torbay Together – helping you find

and share activities in Torbay for some inspiration and give me a call if it tickles your fancy.

There is something for everyone on Torbay Together, and for every bit you give, you get something back in the form of credits – effectively hours – which you can choose to ‘spend’ any time you like.

And the best bit is that it doesn’t have to be like for like – you do someone’s garden and you might ask someone else to wash your car. It is really is that simple.

Take a look around Torbay Together today.

If you like being outdoors and have some time to give, email me or call 07966 743 125.