Groups adopt new rules to make them as safe as possible for everyone – Community Matters

By Victoria Campbell, Community Builder for Brixham

So, life here in Brixham is slowly returning back to some sort of normal – the streets are filling, and the tourists are returning.

On hot sunny days, you could be forgiven for thinking that everything is back to normal –

happy smiling faces everywhere – children with buckets and their parents in tow, stopping to sample the very best fish and chips that the town has to offer. And there are a lot.

For locals, things are also beginning to open up again and a few groups have started running again after the long break.

Still, they remain cautious, and several have adopted new rules to make them as safe as possible for everyone.

Here are just a few of the groups running:

Bollywood Dance with Nicola Hall, Lupton House (Churston Ferrers)

Nicola Hall is running her Bollywood dance group over at Lupton House.

This is a beautiful venue and a perfect opportunity to dance your worries away with an amazing vibrant group of ladies.

Nicola Bianca is offering her yoga and her Polynesian dance group.

She also runs these sessions at Lupton House and the Brixham Edge on Bolton street.

She is also doing outside pop-up yoga classes when the weather is suitable.

Gossip group is every Friday. They meet at a different cafe each week.

This group was brought together by a handful of locals. They offer mutual support and a listening ear and a lot of laughter; it really is a great group.

I’m also running my yoga meditation group at The Edge.

This group is a relaxed safe space where you can stretch your body and learn how to deeply connect with your true nature, learning breathing techniques to help with stress and anxiety; great tools to have in life to help keep you grounded.

As things continue to progress, I am sure there will be many more groups throwing open their doors and perhaps there may even be some new ones.

If anyone is interested in joining any of these groups or wanting to start your own group in Brixham and need a small amount of support in starting out, please don’t hesitate to contact me on 07832 781 031 or drop me an email to