Light at the end of the tunnel as lockdown ends – Community Matters

By Marianne Parker, Community Builder for Wellswood

Hooray! There is finally light at the end of the tunnel! Lockdown is over… at last! As things gradually begin to open up again, we are thinking about how we could regain the confidence to venture back out to meet up with people safely again.

We would all love to know what you would like to do next and how you would like to do it.Please get in touch with your ideas to let us know how we could support you when we meet up to do things together again. Meeting up with your neighbours on your street for tea and cake or outside your flats could be a good start?

Gentle exercise in a park is one of the safest ways to socialise with people since you would already be spaced out two metres apart.Lots of people enjoyed these in our designated parks last summer.

We are hoping to be flash-mobbing again… at the Torbay Carnival in July and at various locations across the Bay, dancing to ‘Dancing Queen’, ‘Car Wash’ and ‘We Go Together’ in August. Come and join us!

We run rehearsals in each town, for a few weeks, to learn the easy routines together.It could be fun to watch a procession of performers going down your street or enjoy a community picnic or a celebration in your local park…

In Wellswood, on June 27, Torquay Rotary are sharing the celebration of their centenary at Torwood Gardens where their volunteers have lovingly restored the sensory garden.

On June 12, you could join Torquay Museum for a fun-filled, colourful pageant to celebrate its 175th anniversary, featuring a samba band and amazing creations made by community groups, schools and local artists, with performances by Elfic the Jester and Isabella and the Story Bicycle.

I’m the community builder for Wellswood and I’m also the creative community builder for Torbay, so if you’d like something to happen on your street, in your local open space, have any other ideas or would like to join our flashmob, please email me at or text or call 07469 660 875 and we will do our best to support you to make it happen.