Returning to some kind of normality is exciting but it may cause anxiety – Community Matters

By Victoria Campbell, Community Builder for Brixham

As we head closer to the end of the second lockdown, some of us are facing new challenges trying to find our way back into our communities beyond the confines of our homes and bubbles.

Returning to some kind of normality is exciting, appreciating just doing normal things, like going out to eat, meeting up with friends and family, going back to work or re-joining our community groups.

For some this will cause anxiety and stress, and Covid has the potential to continue adding stress and fear to many which can cause you to have poor mental health and cause you to focus on the negative instead of the positive.

For those who are feeling nervous and anxious, it is important to just take things gradually to make the process more comfortable for you.

This could include gentle steps, taking a longer trip to the shops, starting to meet up with friends for outdoor activities – and, yes, everything might feel unusual and scary so take small steps, be gentle with yourself.

Enjoy connecting with friends again, slowly stepping out your bubbles and connecting in person.

Focus on the present moment, and try not to worry about the future, it is important to not worry about what you can’t control.

So, make sure you get out into nature, grounding yourself and do lots of deep breathing, exercise, meditation and eating fresh healthy foods will help you.

Celebrate the good things in your life, enjoy your families, friends and communities,  this period has given us all an opportunity to reflect on our lives and values and could be the time to bring positive changes to our lives and communities.

If you are nervous and feel you need a bit of extra support, or know someone who does, during this transaction please contact your local community builder who you can find on the Ageing Well Torbay website at

We are here for you.

Remember, always be loving and kind, it really goes a long way.