Offer (and earn) time to help through timebanking – Community Matters

By Ruth Tshoukas, Timebank Broker for Paignton

In these unprecedented times, people have been helping and supporting each other in so many different ways.

People have got to know their neighbours and made new friends. Through the Torbay Community Helpline hundreds of people have signed up as volunteers. It’s amazing what people will do for each other.

Wouldn’t it be good if some of those wonderful volunteers joined the Timebank as a continuing way to support your neighbourhood into the future? There are now hundreds of members of the Timebank across the Bay all helping each other to do the jobs and tasks that they either can’t do or don’t like doing. People are working for each other, some are sharing skills and knowledge, and some are simply supporting each other.

Lots of Timebank members have registered as volunteers during this pandemic so that they can continue to support others. Timebanking is a way for people to help each other; That’s what the Timebank is all about.

There are Timebankers who knit squares for the homeless, they are then collected and taken to Dorothy who sew them together. If you want to join in, you can earn credits while you knit if you are on the Timebank!

This is how the Timebank works; you might need help in your garden so you look on the website, Torbay Together, and search for someone who is offering to do some gardening. You make contact and discuss what needs doing.

No money changes hands. However, many hours they do in your garden they would earn time credits. These can be ‘banked’ on the website and used at a later date to ‘spend’. When that person needs, for instance, some shopping doing, they would look on the website for a shopping volunteer to contact.

For every hour invested through the Timebank – helping other people in any way that you can, you can then call on others to help you.

To find out more visit or contact your local community builder. Your Timebank broker for Paignton is Ruth 07703 715 236, for Torquay it’s Sandra 07966 743 125.