Specialist Befrienders appeal on BBC Spotlight

On Tuesday 2nd February, Torbay Community Helpline appeared on BBC Spotlight, covering the topic of mental health, as it is becoming an ever growing concern during the course of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Recently, the helpline has put out an appeal for more volunteers to sign up as Specialist Befrienders, as a large proportion of calls coming in to the helpline are those in need of mental health and/or emotional support.

Thanks to Helen Harman (Chief Officer, Age UK Torbay), Specialist Befriender Teresa Cartwright and befriended, Jacky Coad who appeared on Spotlight, to discuss their experience of befriending, and what’s required for so many across the bay right now.

If you’d like to contact the helpline, call 01803 446022 or go to bit.ly/torbayhelpline