Help us design a “Stay put – Peer Support” project

Should people over 50 get the services that they want, rather than what “we” think they need? We think that people know best what they need and that they should be at the centre of any new services developed. During our ‘Food for Thought’ sessions last year, many people over 50 identified themselves as being an ‘untapped resource’ and more able to support their peers … Continue reading Help us design a “Stay put – Peer Support” project

Rethinking Ageing

By David Gledhill, Marketing and Communications Officer What went wrong? Since when did ageing become something to be frowned upon – to be demonised as if it wasn’t something that will happen to us all? Not many years ago the older generation were revered, respect was expected and delivered and as they said round our way ‘woe betides you if you don’t’ The generations that … Continue reading Rethinking Ageing