Challenging the Ageist Stereotype

By Mike Norton, Finance and Business Support Manager Advances in medical sciences and healthcare have resulted in people living much longer. People are now staying healthy, energetic and living into their 80s, 90s and beyond. While these advances have been significant, society hasn’t quite caught up and some attitudes towards older people are still surrounded by negativity and stereotyping. The Sex Discrimination Act 1975, Race … Continue reading Challenging the Ageist Stereotype

FAIR in the Community

After a highly successful launch event chaired by local MPs and attended by over 80 people from Torbay Council, Health and community groups, the FAIR (Financial Advice, Information & Resilience) project now moves to the heart of our local communities. Funded by the Big Lottery fund via Ageing Well Torbay, the FAIR project aims to help address issues of poverty in old age. FAIR will … Continue reading FAIR in the Community

Ageing Well Torbay Newsletter – Spring 2018

All the latest news and updates from Ageing Well Torbay, including articles and stories from our readers! The latest Ageing Well Torbay newsletter is now available both digitally and in print! Email us at or phone 01803 212638 if you’d like to contribute to the next newsletter. The print versions will be available from a number of locations in Torbay over the coming weeks, including our office at Torbay Community Development … Continue reading Ageing Well Torbay Newsletter – Spring 2018

Giving everyone a FAIR deal

It’s our ethos at Ageing Well Torbay that the ideas you share with us directly shape the future focus of our Big Lottery funded programme, which aims to tackle loneliness and isolation in people over the age of 50. With this approach, we launched our Food for Thought consultations last year and heard from many over 50s in Torbay. The feedback we received highlighted a … Continue reading Giving everyone a FAIR deal