Project Photoshoot

Ageing Well Torbay are looking to produce a collection of images which reflect what being over 50 in Torbay really looks like, rather than the glossy stock photos you see, we would like to see real people in recognisable places.

We’re therefore looking for people who would be happy to participate and have their photos taken for the project.

We will be spending 3 days across Torbay, taking photos of people doing all sorts of things, from walking along the beach, to posting a letter, to chatting over coffee. If you’re not too keen on being photographed but would still like to take part, there’s also an opportunity for anonymous photos too, for example a close up of posting a letter, writing, typing on a computer, or even sitting in the background of photos.

We’re hiring a minivan so we can visit a couple of different places in each town to take photos, and can pick up and drop off too. Lunch will also be provided on the day.

The next date(s) are:


If you would like to get involved, please contact Karla White, Communications Officer at Ageing Well Torbay by calling 01803 212638 or emailing

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