Ageing well Newsletter Winter 2018

The latest Ageing Well Torbay newsletter is now available both digitally and in print! Email us at or phone 01803 212638 if you’d like a printed copy, or if you’d like to contribute to the next newsletter. Read the latest news from Ageing Well Torbay, including the launch of the Innovation Fund projects, the launch of FAIR, an article submitted by a reader, and a summary of what’s on in your town.

To view the digital version of the AWT newsletter, visit the following link:

The newsletter can also be downloaded as a PDF by clicking here: Ageing Well Newsletter Winter 2018 interactive

The print versions will be available from a number of locations in Torbay over the coming weeks, including our office at Torbay Community Development Trust, 4-8 Temperance Street, Torquay, TQ2 5PU. Contact us to find out where you can get your copy by emailing or phone 01803 212638.

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