Carers Aid Torbay – March 2017

We are a small not for profit organisation- 1 full-time worker and 5 part-time workers. We have about 50 volunteers on our list who support us monthly

We provide support, signposting and advocacy to over 740 families in the Bay. We support unpaid Carers –anyone who Carers for a family member, neighbour or friend who would find it hard to manage without them… We will help unpaid Carers to fill in forms, attend important meetings ,understand what’s going on, plan ahead, have a Carers Assessment, support with benefit paperwork, advocate at meetings on their behalf, help to get relevant grants, help to engage with  professionals and any other agencies that may be needed on board  to ease Carers concerns. $ of our team members go out and meet with unpaid Carers in their own homes or a place of their choice, no restrictions are made on the time given to support a Carer.

We are driven by the needs of Carers and will start up groups or Activities if requested. We currently help man 2 Carers Information Centres one in Torquay and one in Brixham. We run workshops for free benefit advice, free legal advice and groups for people interested in exploring their ancestry. Last year our free days out were very popular with older isolated unpaid Carers. So this year we are organising 2 full pamper days, a trip to the Moors with a folklore guide, a trip to Dartmouth to include a fish and chip treat and trips out to Buckfastleigh and Dartington later in the year.

We hold coffee mornings and celebration events throughout the year to include and update our volunteers and the families they support. Our next event is on the 23rd March at “Pierpoint” to celebrate the successful “Circles” project which was under the Ageing Well umbrella. This Circles project was a 2-year pilot and finishes at the end of March.

We will be holding an Easter Coffee Morning on the 12th of April where we will encourage our supporters, families and volunteers to join in the fun we will be providing.

Our volunteers provide practical support, help with lifts befriending, gardening, small DIY jobs, help with shopping, help with IT concerns. They can provide up to 300 hours of support to unpaid Carers a month.

All our services, support and events and workshops are free.

We introduce on average 12 new Carers a month to our service and our one to one workers see around 50 Carers a month as well as taking daily calls, supporting drop-ins and running and attending groups.